My love affair with Axiology Lipsticks

by Rayna van Aalst July 10, 2015

Axiology Lipsticks


People usually think that I talk so passionately about the Reina Organics brands because I sell them while it’s actually the other way around - it's because I adore these products is why I offer them at Reina Organics. After all, I started Reina Organics because I was looking for the best natural beauty products for my family and me. I'm not only a store owner, I'm a woman first.

That’s how I came up with the idea of blog series where I talk about natural beauty products and brands I love.

So let’s get started!

I am very excited about the first brand I’ll be talking about as it launches TODAY on Reina Organics - exclusively in the Netherlands and debuting in Europe! 

My history with lipsticks

Rayna wearing Axiology Lipstick The GoodnessIf you have been following me for a while, you would know that when I was a child I had a lipstick collection, part of a larger makeup collection. I was quite good at putting on lipstick, even without a mirror. I so wish I could still do that. I remember going to an important event with my grandparents, I was 6 I think, and I surprised them by pulling off a crimson lip at the backseat of the car while my grandfather was parking. My grandma wasn’t thrilled seeing my bright red lips because (I thought) the lipstick color didn’t match my fancy clothes.

Since then (since I was a child that is and not since my red lipstick moment) I would only use lip balms and occasionally – lip gloss. The few occasions I have had lipstick on are when a makeup artist would do my makeup. Moreover I had no interest whatsoever in purchasing a lipstick.

Until several months ago, when I saw a photo of a gorgeous looking NATURAL lipstick – Axiology. My heart skipped a beat. You know, like a love at first sight. Fast forward to the moment when my Axiology lipsticks arrived – I wear them every single day since!

Meet my lipstick crush – Axiology Lipsticks

In a nutshell, Axiology is a natural lipstick with killer pigmentation and sexy sleek packaging. The lipsticks are made with organic ingredients and are cruelty-free and vegan certified by PETA. 

Axiology was founded by the super sweet Ericka who travelled all the way from Brooklyn, New York to Bali, Indonesia to study ingredients and packaging options for Axiology’s lipstick line.

The formulation of the Axiology lipsticks is not only 100% natural but the ingredients list is simple and mouthwatering. An unintended pun as the Axiology lipsticks are very hydrating and have great staying power.

Axiology partner with the Orangutan Foundation and they donate 6% of their profits to save the Orangutans! “Who says you can’t look good while giving back?” 

Axiology lipsticks currently come in 15 colors, including black and blue. In less than a month Axiology will be releasing new colors at A Night For Green Beauty in Chicago. I’m dying to see the undoubtedly gorgeous colors Ericka has created. 


Why I love Axiology lipsticks, or should I say “adore”?

Eva's Axiology Lipstick“I LOVE everything about Axiology.” This is exactly what I wrote to Ericka after I had tried Axiology lipsticks for a few days. Since then my love for Axiology has only grown.

By the way, my love for Axiology at home is shared by my 3-year-old princess. My heart overflows with love every time I see her put her lipstick on. We even went to the store so she could choose her own mirror. My favorite Axiology color is The Goodness (see the photo earlier) and my daughter’s – Attitude. This is a peek in her makeup bag. I told you she's a princess, didn't I?

The first thing that impressed me in Axiology was the packaging – sophisticated, compelling and sustainable. The lovely triangle boxes are made in Bali, Indonesia with recycled paper collected from the island. The lipsticks come in gorgeous sleek golden tubes. You need to press the bottom of the tube and the lipstick pops out. Once you hear the click, you kind of want to do it again, and again, and again…. After the lipstick pops out it doesn’t come out completely and you still need to pull it out gently. Very well thought as this way, if there is any pressure on your lipstick while you carry it in your makeup bag or purse, the latter will not smear in your favorite Axiology color.

Axiology’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with their packaging. Axiology lipsticks are palm oil free as palm oil grows in the same area as tropical rainforests, and the uncontrolled clearing of land for conventional oil palm plantations has led to widespread loss of these irreplaceable forests. Plantations have also been connected to the destruction of habitat of endangered species.

But Axiology lipsticks are not only great packaging. Once I was past the clicking part and I put the lipstick on is when I realized that I have found my long missed lipstick BFF.





At first I was a bit concerned about wearing lipstick as it would only highlight my often chapped lips.  Now that I think about it this is probably the reason why I didn’t wear lipsticks. When I read that Axiology lipsticks are so hydrating, I actually thought “yes, yes, I know – hydrating, long-lasting”. My experience with other natural and traditional lipsticks is close to none but with a hand on my heart I can say Axiology IS long-lasting. These superb lipsticks stay on my lips for hours, even after eating and drinking! Moreover they helped me deal with my chapped lips!! (I am not fan of exclamation marks, let alone multiple, but I had to use TWO here.) Helping me with my chapped lips is something which no other lip balm has done for me and I have tried many of them.

Is there anything I didn’t like about Axiology lipsticks?

No, not a thing.

I do however have a wish - I hope that Axiology will soon add a crimson red color to their palette. I’m not as daring as my 6-year-old me but I think it would be a great addition to the already fantastic range of Axiology colors.

So what’s in the Axiology lipsticks?

Raw, Organic Mango Butter - for smooth, soft lips

Organic Avocado Oil  - for instant rejuvenation and nourishment, protects against environmental stresses

Organic Grapeseed Oil - an important source of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. It moisturizes the lips for a long day wear

Organic Castor Seed Oil - naturally antibacterial and moisturizing

Raw, Organic Coconut Oil - hydrating, conditioning, softening, and antibacterial and antifungal

Vitamin E Oil - an antioxidant powerhouse, protects against environmental damage, and strengthens and heals dry/chapped lips

Orange Essential Oi - for a sweet, uplifting scent and soothing effects

Organic Candelilla Wax - a vegan alternative to beeswax and allows for lasting moisture on lips while keeping both lips and Axiology lipsticks smooth

Mineral Powder Pigments - natural minerals such as iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxide which are safely sourced and do NOT come in nanoparticle forms

What is your favorite Axiology color?

xo Rayna

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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