Q&A with Maryna, founder of MAHALO Care (part 2)

by Rayna van Aalst December 12, 2015

Q&A with Maryna, founder of MAHALO Care (part 2)

Maryna Mahalo Care ingredients

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Q: What are your top 3 favorite ingredients to work with?

Oh my - this is an almost impossible question to answer. I seriously had to step away from the computer and walk down to our ingredient shelves to look at them. You might often hear me say that I love turmeric and sea buckthorn - which is true, mainly because I have very strong memories with those two ingredients that go all the way back to my childhood. However, every single ingredient that is a part of Mahalo - is a treasure. I look at them with gratitude and a belief that it is a privilege to be able to work with them in creating our skin treats. For me each ingredient matters, each has a story and each has been selected for a very specific reason. Just because a particular ingredient might be listed closer to the end of the list, doesn't make it less valuable or intentional. Perfect example would be the “iris pallida” from the Rare Indigo balm, which is listed last on the ingredient list. It is an exceptionally valuable and rare oil that is extracted from the orris roots (think France, think violet/blue fleur de lis flower) and takes close to 5 years to produce. Also, for me the ingredient doesn't have to be fancy to be important, the good ol’ calendula is a jewel in our ingredient arsenal.

Q: What does your daily skin care regimen look like?

My daily regimen has changed drastically over the past years, because of the changes in my skin after I turned 30, and due to the changes in climate. The air in Hawaii is very humid and warm, which many people find exceptionally beneficial for their complexion, it is unfortunately not the case with me. I find it to be too humid, and I get a lot more skin irritations than ever before. All these factors dictate the change in my skin care ritual. In the morning I cleanse using gentle enzyme-based powder (a Mahalo special, possibly joining our line in 2016), tone with oil-free mist and follow with either our Vitality Elixir, which is a light and high in essential fatty acids - both of which are ideal for my acne-prone skin, or in the recent months I have been interchanging our serum with the new Rare Indigo balm - which is very loved by my easily offended complexion. I treat my skin with Pele Mask activated with either honey or silver hydrosol every week, and use it to spot-treat as needed during the week. In the evening it is time for Mahalo Balm for me, which I often layer with the Vitality Elixir for a more nourishing treatment. There are also days, when I give my skin a complete break from everything, and just cleanse and tone without using any oils or balms for a day. The key here is listening to what my skin needs. For me skin care is a ritual - it is *my* time to connect and embody my skin, listen to its needs and give gratitude. The Vacation Glow body oil after shower, over damp skin, in the morning - is a staple - it gives both a nourishing moisture and an invigorating lift with its luxurious aromatics and oils. It’s my version of morning coffee, and a thoroughly indulging self-care moment that my skin is looking forward to every day.

Maryna Mahalo Skincare Regime

Q: Where would you go on a dream vacation and what skincare essentials would you absolutely have to take with you?

Since I have been living on Hawaii for quite a few winters, I am craving some snow fun. I would not call it a dream vacation per se, but it definitely is something that I am yearning to experience (snowshoeing, hot apple cider, cabin in the woods, crackling fire - yes please). Knowing all that, I would definitely bring an arsenal of skin goodies to keep my skin protected and nourished. My two go-to products would be the Rare Indigo balm (to calm inflammation from the cold and dry air), followed by Mahalo Balm (for deep moisture and protection). Extra Mahalo Balm on the eye lids, lips and even ears. No Pele Mask, as it might be overly stimulating for the cold-kissed skin, so I would have with me a jar of manuka honey and some dry chamomile flowers to soothe and hydrate.

Q: Can you suggest a MAHALO routine for someone who is new to the collection?

Seeing that we are entering the winter season, and the needs of our skins change - this is my favorite ritual.

I mask about once a week with Pele Mask that I activate with raw honey, which makes it much more nourishing and hydrating. Depending on what I am doing, I might leave the mask on for up to an hour, but 20 - 40 mins works wonderfully well. Since honey will take much longer to dry, you will not see the mask drying as fast as it would when activated with water. Wash off using warm wash cloth.

While my skin is still damp (important) I apply the Rare Indigo beauty balm. A small amount warmed between palms of my hands and then pressed onto skin for 40-60 seconds. I recommend following with the Vitality Elixir for an extra hydrating and nourishing boost. Both the Rare Indigo and Vitality Elixir are high in linoleic essential acids, which are very important for winter-kissed skins. You may wish to alternate the application - one day apply Rare Indigo followed by the serum, next day apply the serum, followed by the Rare Indigo.

The Mahalo Balm is a wonderful moisturizer and helps to lock-in moisture after treatments and to rejuvenate the skin at night.

The Vacation Glow is the ultimate indulgence year around, but is especially welcome during the gloomy and dark winter days. Apply a pump or two over wet (important, so to maximize skin’s hydration) skin after shower and feel how the luxurious oils and aromatics lift your spirits and mood.

Mahalo Skin Care

Q: Which Mahalo products will you recommend for a breastfeeding mum who has combination, blemish prone skin, hormonal related?

Young motherhood is such a wonderful time, both precious and exhausting. With that, it is so important to carve out moments to connect to our bodies, our skin. If your skin is not overly irritated / inflamed, I would recommend using Pele Mask activated with honey for 15minutes once a week, and spot-treat as needed. Both the Vitality Elixir and the Rare Indigo balm are especially wonderful for blemish-prone skins, as they are potent with linoleic acid, the essential fatty acid that lacks in acneic skins. The Rare Indigo balm would offer a high content of anti-inflammatory constituents that will work on soothing and balancing your sensitive complexion.

Q: How long does the Vitality Elixir last for if used once a day?

Mahalo Vitality Elixir

One pump, once a day should last you upwards of 4 - 5 months. I do not recommend stretching it for too long, as it is a natural product and it will oxidize with time. Use within 6 months from purchase and keep in a cool dry place.

Q: Which oil would you recommend to brighten spots after acne?

We have had phenomenal feedback with the Rare Indigo balm. Few of our customers who have been struggling with concerts of age spots and acne spots have reported visible results with fading of their scars. The balm has a potent infusion of Vitamin C ester, which is one of the ingredients that works to even the skin tone.

Q: Which of your products would you recommend for extremely sensitive skin?

I would say that our Vitality Elixir and the Rare Indigo balm would serve you very well. Both are lighter oils, though one is a balm, it actually is not greasy at all. The Vitality Elixir has a very low amount of essential oils, so if you have sensitivities to essential oils - I would say it is the best bet for you.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Mahalo products?

We recommend using your products within 3 - 6 (6 being the max) from the date of purchase. Exception would be our Pele Mask. If you keep it in a dry, cool place, it can last you up-to a year.

Q: What are your recommendations for adjustments in the skincare routine as the seasons change?

First and foremost - listen to your skin. In the winter months your skin will yearn for more moisture and hydration. This means, thicker oils, more balms, and less scrubbing. Although do not completely disregard the masks, they are very important in helping the skin shed the dead cells. Our detoxifying Pele Mask mixed with honey is very good for that. Also, as you will see reaching for more balms in the winter, reach for more healthy oils in your food - oils high in essential fatty acids are extremely important in supporting your healthy complexion from inside and out.

Maryna Mahalo Care Skin Care RegimeQ: What is for you the perfect way to have a relaxing pampering night?

I love solo times, or rather I crave solo times, having a packed schedule it is a must for me. I love baths, I love refined scents, candles (natural beeswax), flower petals, a Pele Mask on my face, neck and décolleté, while listening to smooth jazz or Edith Piaf of jazz.


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Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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