A red lipstick - "This is not about vanity. This is about visibility."

by Rayna van Aalst April 24, 2018

A red lipstick - "This is not about vanity. This is about visibility."

This week I’m wearing a red lipstick which is not a color you'd see me wearing often.

I’m doing this as part of the annual Red My Lips campaign which takes place in April to raise awareness about rape myths and victim blaming.

Because #MeToo.

The idea behind it is very simple. When people see you wearing red every single day for a month (in my case it takes just one day), inevitably they would mention it to you. And now that they are asking, you can tell them why you’re doing this. 

Congratulations! Now you’re the drop which started a ripple and changed someone’s life.

If you choose to take part, below are a few red shades. I strongly believe that there is one for you. If I can wear red, so can you.

Mahalo Red My Lips – flattering on all skin tones, the only red which I can wear. 20% of all sale proceeds of the Red My Lips tint, including sales beyond the April campaign, will be donated to the RedMyLips.org.

Nudus Ruby Rose – although this color is described as “reddish pink”, I’d still put it in the category “red”

Nudus Revenge - a powerful classic red lipstick

Axiology Vibration – rather a scarlet color than red, this is a great choice if you’re still not certain whether you could pull off a true red lipstick.

You don’t have to be Oprah, Emma Watson or a world-wide known celebrity to make a difference.

A red lipstick might be all you need.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst