Blissoma - behind the brand

by Rayna van Aalst July 23, 2017

Blissoma - behind the brand

At a first glance Blissoma doesn’t quite fit in the Reina Organics family.

But I guess this isn’t the only time your first impression of something was misleading, is it?

Recently I talked about the difference between mainstream luxury beauty brands and eco chic beauty. What all brands at Reina Organics have in common is their religious devotion to the superior quality of the product that goes INTO the jars and that reaches you, the beautiful woman who sees past fancy marketing terms and demands impeccable quality and effectiveness.

Enter Blissoma here. A unique collection of botanical products that heal and enhance the skin. A line where science backs-up the formulations of the natural ingredients and each one of them has its purpose.

The woman behind Blissoma

Julie Longyear founder of Blissoma

The founder of each brand is its essence. That’s why meeting the founder, be it in person or over a skype call, is crucial for me. In just one hour, I learn more about the brand than any other page on their website or online review of their products.

Talking to Julie Longyear, founder of Blissoma, was an absolute pleasure - ingredient and skincare savvy, with a clear vision about Blissoma which radiates from all her business decisions.

When I think of Julie, hence Blissoma, there are three things that immediately come to my mind – transparency, ingredient expert and dedication to her local community.

A fun fact is that Julie has renovated her house and the commercial space for Blissoma herself. Respect!

A personification of the saying “Walk the talk”

A short interaction with Blissoma is all it takes to understand that glamming things up is not part of their philosophy. Blissoma is one of the few brands which understands how much client’s trust has been misused by the beauty industry and is taking a stand against it. They talk openly about their production process and ingredients sourcing – why they have made these choices and how that affects the product and the results the end consumer would see. Even subjects like the use of preservatives, alcohol or water in their products is discussed in detail, something which most brands are very uncomfortable to talk about.

Reading a Blissoma product description is an educational experience you don’t often come across. What starts with a brief introduction of the product and its benefits soon becomes an honest and backed by science and references to studies paperwork why Blissoma uses a certain ingredient and how it benefits the skin.

It should come as no surprise that Blissoma produce most herbal extracts in-house which allows them to have better control over the quality of their ingredients that go into their products.

Supporting the community

One of the points I was eager to discuss with Julie was their prices – how does Blissoma manage to make raw, active and highly effective skincare at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the ingredients used and the end product.

As you can imagine this is a sensitive subject for any business and definitely not one readily discussed with non-team members. Julie however had no problem disclosing information about her business and their pricing. All examples she shared made perfect sense and reassured me of the high standards she holds for her products.

What struck me though was how strong her “why” was behind her dedication to make an effective and pure line which is also affordable.

Julie openly talked to me about her humble beginnings which have shaped her decision to make Blissoma accessible to as wide range of people as possible. Instead of her shying away to talk about it or trying to cover it up, she spoke very honestly about it and how it had shaped her commitment to building a healthy business which offers a fair pay to its employees, which products make a radiant difference in their clients’ skin and all the while supporting the local community.

For Blissoma community means family

A few years ago Blissoma sponsored a community garden project in Hyde Park in St. Louis that shares organic produce with local residents and also teaches them about wellness lifestyle. Educational talks, demonstrations, and classes of herbal methods and products are often held for the local community at the studio of Blissoma.

Blossom is the cutest

Blossom Blissoma bunny

And if all that wasn’t enough, Blissoma recently adopted a super cute bunny called Blossom to educate others on the importance of shopping cruelty free.

“We adopted Blossom to help people connect products with the very real, beautiful, loving, and honestly magically healing creatures that are suffering in the name of "beauty". Now when our customers walk in, they will be able to put a face to the name: the victims of animal cruelty. Anyone that has spent time with Blossom has experienced how calming she is. We lovingly term time with her "bunny therapy" because sitting and petting her for 15 minutes leaves folks completely blissed out. Curious and loving, she offers our team emotional support and hours of entertainment. Blossom spends her days at the store, chewing on paper towel rolls and cuddling the staff. She and her kind are worth treating well. They literally hurt no one, so the least we can do is return the favor.”

You see? After all, Blissoma is the perfect fit for Reina Organics and your beauty cabinet.

P.S. Not sure which Blissoma product is right for you? Request a free skincare consultation with our team.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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