From a face wash to La Bella Figura the Clean Slate

by Rayna van Aalst December 10, 2017

From a face wash to La Bella Figura the Clean Slate

When almost a year and half ago I opened my Capsule Collection I felt like a child in a candy store – the relief of the periodic table on the cover, white cotton gloves, handmade sterling silver spoon, porcelain bowl, deliciously smelling aronia berry spheres, the scent of a fresh passion fruit emanating from the maracuja oil, the elegant custom bar recipes.

That night I went extra early to bed so I had plenty of time to savor my Capsule Collection.

And while the Capsule Collection was a love at first sight (I still get goosebumps when I think about it), it took a few days until I discovered the true beauty of the Clean Slate (now available as a separate product) or the Curative Cleanser as it was called then.

One of the reasons is obvious – who would get excited about a cleanser, be it one from La Bella Figura, when right next to it there are two jars with spheres inspired by molecular gastronomy?

And then there is the less obvious reason, although I walked a long way from the 16 year old girl who was told she had to remove makeup before going to bed, I never fully understood the beauty of cleansing until I tried the Clean Slate (or the Curative Cleanser as it was called as part of the Capsule Collection).

It took me close to two decades to truly understand the importance of cleansing and to appreciate its beauty.

I was in high school when I was allowed to wear makeup but only on the weekends. It didn’t take long that I found myself too tired after a party and I decided to postpone removing my makeup till the morning. I must have been 16 at that time. When I woke up, the very first thing my mother told me was to always remove my makeup before going to bed. She didn’t explain how or why, only that I had to do it.

For many years I used to remove my make up with a cotton ball and cheap cleansing milk. If I didn’t wear any make up that day, I high fived myself because there was nothing to remove.

It was only in my mid twenties when I started buying my skincare in high end stores and the consultants made sure I bought the full range of whatever line they were selling to me – face wash, toner, moisturizer, etc. And that’s how I started using a face wash.

I was told I had to use it, that it was important but no matter how fancy the store was, the focus remained on selling me a product rather than explaining me why it was important and educating me on the subject.

It was for all the above reasons that “washing my face” always felt like a chore to me – something external I had to do, imposed by someone else, tedious, boring. I often used how tired I was as an excuse to skip washing my face but I was very proud of always removing my makeup.

Then I got into natural beauty products and only when I discovered brands like Josh Rosebrook, La Bella Figura, Laurel and many others which finally explained to me the importance of cleansing your skin and that removing makeup wasn’t only about having no visible traces of makeup on your face.

They weren’t telling me that I had to remove my makeup, nor were they trying to sell me a “face wash”, they were helping me understand why cleansing is so important as well as how to properly cleanse my face. As logical as it may sound, it finally dawned on me that just like with your hands, you don’t necessarily need to see the dirt on your face to know it’s … well, dirty.

I gradually discovered beautiful cleansers which made a huge difference on my skin. My skin didn’t feel dry, itchy or stretched after cleansing any more. My break outs cleared significantly.

And suddenly, the necessary evil of “washing my face” made place to cleansing - a beautiful experience of taking care of my skin.

It was around this time La Bella Figura discovered the Capsule Collection and the Curative Slate – the most sophisticated cleanser I have ever tried.

A product works because of all its ingredients and the craftmanship of the people who formulate it.

As I already mentioned throughout my journey from removing my makeup through washing my face to cleansing, I have discovered some quite amazing cleansers. I love all of them because they all do amazing things for my skin, the Clean Slate however manages to do a little bit more and a little bit better than any of them.

I love that it rinses off with water only, its its elegant scent and how nourishing it is for the skin.

With the Clean Slate I can finally feel and see right after cleansing not only that my skin was clean but also how nourished and hydrated it is. Thanks to the capuacu butter in it which is highly water retaining, I sometimes wonder whether I need a moisturizer at all.

In this sense the Clean Slate is a great example of one of the biggest advantages of eco chic beauty – every product is a multi tasker. Unlike traditional beauty products where every product doesn one thing only - a face wash removes impurities, a toner balances pH of the skin, etc, in natural beauty one product has many benefits and even a cleanser not only removes makeup and dissolves pollution and impurities but it also nourishes the skin and hydrates it.

The Clean Slate is suitable for all skin types

The Clean Slate works equally well on all skin types from very dry skin to oily and acneic. It can be used in the summer or in the chilly winter months when the skin is screaming for hydration.

In the summer when my skin tends to get oily the Clean Slate cleansed my skin beautifully without clogging my pores. In the winter when one day (literally!) I woke up to realize my skin was dry, it helped me keep my skin calm and soft.

It takes a little bit of experimenting to find out what the best way is to use the Clean Slate. I personally love applying it on wet* skin so I would remove my make up in one go.

Sometimes I enjoy applying it on wet skin.

A few tips 

If you’re applying the Clean Slate on dry skin, make sure to warm it up well between your fingers. It takes just a few seconds extra but that allows the balm to slide much easier on the skin.

Finally, make sure to use enough. Your fingers should slide effortlessly over skin once the concentrate has melted.

And remember, it rinses off with water only so you don’t need to worry that it might be too oily or too difficult to remove.


* Corrected from dry skin.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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