How to make your natural skincare products work

by Rayna van Aalst May 07, 2017

How to make your natural skincare products work

After countless conversations with clients or women who are about to try our products for a first time, I came to realize that there is a very important piece of information which is often considered “obvious” and is either briefly touched upon between other “more important” subjects, or sometimes completely left out of the conversation. This information however is just as important as choosing the right product for your skin type and condition.

I’m talking about how to make your products work for you.

How to make your products work for you is more than just the general directions on the back of the bottle. It’s usually tiny tricks which make you reap the most benefits from your product and frankly speaking, to fall head over heels for your new skin treat.

If you have ever worked with a personal trainer, you would know that they not only design a work out program suited for you but they also explain in great depth how you need to perform each exercise – posture, technique, speed, number of repetitions, angles of your body, etc. For instance, your toes pointing slightly inwards vs pointing outwards, makes a huge difference in the benefits of a workout.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need to pay attention to where your toes are pointing while applying your facial mask or serum but a tiny tweak in the application of these two could make a huge difference in the results you see.

Recently, I was contacted by a woman who had purchased the Mahalo Balm after a consultation with us. Until that point, she was using a high end skincare brand and she was curious to find a natural product to use instead. She was very excited with her purchase and was looking forward to try her goodies. After a few uses she wrote us saying she wanted to return the Balm because it felt greasy and had colored her pillowcases yellow.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is valid also for used products so we sent her a Return Number but we also asked her to give the Mahalo Balm one more try but this time using the tips I’m sharing with you below. That was not a condition, she could return the jar at any point, also without trying the tweaks we suggested to her.

Two days later she sent us an email full of compliments about the product, a lot of exclamation marks of excitement, stating she was keeping her jar of Mahalo Balm. A few weeks later, another email followed in which which she said how great her skin looked thanks to her new holy grail skincare item.

So without further ado, here is how to make your facial oil, serum, balm and mask work for you.

General tips

  • Keep it simple – as tempting as it is to layer multiple products, after cleansing and misting, one or two products are enough. For instance, in the morning a cream, an oil or a balm, and in the evening again one of these or a combination of an oil and cream, an oil and a balm.
  • Give each product at least four weeks – unless a reaction occurs, give a product four weeks to see how it benefits your skin. Your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 28 days (this number varies depending on the source) so although you might notice changes after a few applications or a week, give the product enough time before you jump to conclusions.
  • Take the time to apply your products. From massaging your face while cleansing, through letting your mask sit long enough, to applying your facial oil, taking the time for each step in your skincare ritual increases the effectiveness of the product and ultimately the results you see on your skin.
  • Use the right amount – too little of a product and you won’t see its true potential, use too much and your skin would feel greasy, if it's an oil.
  • Use as quickly as possible – this goes hand in hand with the “keep it simple” part. Once opened a natural product needs to be used, it’s not intended to lie on your shelf for months for the simple reason that it becomes less effective. It might still look, feel and smell as when you first opened the bottle, but it is not as potent as day one. I'm not rushing you to slather your products. Instead I'm encouraging you to use your product regularly and not once a week so you "save" it for longer.
  • Be gentle on your skin – in our effort to get that dream complexion and healthy glow we sometimes get a little rough on our skin. Stretching and pulling our skin, as well as overexfoliating, overcleansing, rubbing and scrubbing do more harm than good. Use the power of the ingredients and save your strength for other things than your skin.

How to make your facial oil or balm work

Always apply on moist skin – you could leave the skin moist after cleansing or simply use plain water but I highly recommend you consider a facial mist for this step. Mists are much more than traditional toners. They not only provide the moisture which the oils lock in the skin but they also deliver extra nutrients AND they help with the absorption of the oils/balms.

Start with a few drops and build up to the amount your skin needs – if your skin is oily start with literally two drops of face oil or half a pea-sized amount of balm. If your skin is dry, start with four drops. Warm up the oil or balm between your fingertips and while your skin is still moist from the face mist gently press the oil/balm on your face, starting from the drier areas. By “dry” I mean oil dry. For instance, with combination skin, you would want to start with your cheeks, then your nose, chin, forehead, etc. Don’t forget your neck, ears and decollete. Continue with the gentle pressing for about 30 seconds to a minute. This increases the blood circulation and helps with absorption of the nutrients. Remember to be gentle.

I like to spritz a mist one or two more times and do some more gentle pressing. I find it helps greatly with the absorption of the product, especially if it's a balm.

Wait a few minutes and notice how your skin feels. If it feels a bit tight or itchy, spritz face mist and add 1-2 drops more. When I say “a drop”, I literally mean that. Our oils and balms are very nutrient dense and a little goes a long way.

Once you’ve found the right amount for your skin, try experimenting the following days with adding a drop or two more. Does your skin feel better or greasy? Do you notice a difference in the appearance?

It might sound like a lot of work but you need to do this only a few times when you start using a new balm or oil. Usually, after a few days you would have a very good idea of how much product you need to use morning and/or evening and you won’t need to build up to the right amount every time.

Keep in mind that your skin changes so you might need to adjust the amounts throughout the month or as weather changes, to name just a few factors influencing your skin.

How to make your mask work

  • One teaspoon is usually all you need for one application.
  • An important step to applying your face mask is actually before you even start spreading it on your face – remove make up and cleanse thoroughly. This way you prepare your skin to absorb all the potent ingredients of the mask.
  • Apply the mask on moist skin – this is very, very important as the moist allows the mask to spread easily without unnecessary stretching of the skin and without using too much product. Plain water would do but a face mist is wonderful for this purpose.
  • With cooler temperatures your honey based mask such as Leahlani Mermaid Mask, Laurel Honey Berry Enzyme Mask, La Bella Figura Healing Manuka Mask or Purifying Manuka Mask might be a bit difficult to spread, with the Mermaid Mask being down right solid. Scoop a teaspoon in bowl, add a few drops of water or spritz some face mist and mix well. You’re good to go. Prepare the mask before cleansing so you can apply straightaway.
  • Mask brushes are very handy but fingers work too. Avoid eye area. After washing off the mask, follow with a face mist and your favorite oil/balm.

Now it’s your turn. Did you find the information useful? What are your tips and tricks about applying face oils, balms and masks? Are there any other products you would like to hear more about?

xo Rayna

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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