It's time to talk openly

by Rayna van Aalst April 29, 2018

It's time to talk openly

For a very long time I thought that talking about the decisions you make or admitting you’ve made a mistake was not something you do in business.

You post a press release somewhere in the hidden corners of a website, you make sure it’s full of posh words people don’t understand and which don’t say much, and you’ve done your job.

If anyone asks a question, you pull out the press release again and you hide behind it.

Or you don’t mention anything, and hope things would go unnoticed.

While I haven’t used the press release method, I did most of the times hope for things to go unnoticed.

Quite interesting because even as an employee in the corporate world, I never liked that decisions are made somewhere and you cannot discuss them.

I still have my moments thinking that I can’t say something because “it’s a delicate subject” or because “my competition would find out something about Reina Organics”. But frankly speaking I am tired of this feeling I get when doing something “sneaky” – feeling guilty without being guilty. Not to mention that it becomes “sneaky” by treating it this way.

It’s time to talk openly.

In the years as a business owner I’ve learned a lot. One of the most important lessons learned was don’t do things to your clients you yourself get annoyed by (at the very least) when you are a client yourself.

Sure, sometimes it takes a lot of courage to be able to stand by a mistake you’ve made and face the consequences of it. And in all honesty, I don’t always have that courage but I’m learning. Reina Organics is growing and evolving.

So bare with me.

And yes, you have my permission to remind me when things become too “corporate” and “stiff” around here.

In the past for instance, we’ve silently discontinued several brands from our collection.

Funnily enough, now that I think about it, the reasons were always very straightforward, easy to digest and most of all valid to me.

The first time I was honest about why I chose to discontinue a brand was with Schmidt’s and I was blown away by the positive reactions. Ha! I didn’t see that one coming – having an honest conversation with all of you, just like people do when they have a relationship of some sort.

Now we're saying good bye to Rahua.

I think I had made up my mind about this long time ago but I found it difficult to move forward with this decision because Rahua is a famous brand. In a way, it’s prestigious to have it in your portfolio.

What made my decision final was a recent change which Rahua made in their product descriptions– they now use “pure plant derived” when referring to their ingredients versus “100% natural”.

That for me was the final drop which helped me clearly see that no matter how popular Rahua is, its philosophy doesn’t align with my vision for Reina Organics.

I want to support niche, artisan brands which have a story and make pure products with care for our environment. Popularity of a brand is only a byproduct but cannot be the leading reason why it’s offered at Reina Organics.

It’s obvious that Rahua is anything but niche or made by artisans. I’m not saying it’s a bad brand. It’s just not a brand which I feel belongs to the Reina Organics family.

I deeply appreciate the fact that Rahua was part of Reina Organics and has helped us grow but now it’s time wish each other all the best and part our ways.

And if you like Rahua, you can get a product of theirs as a gift with purchase while supplies last.


Photo by Rahua

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst