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Lina Hanson - the woman and the brand

by Rayna van Aalst November 12, 2017

Lina Hanson - the woman and the brand

I don’t need to have more brands at Reina Organics. I don’t aim for a number, nor do I want to have every single green beauty brand on the market. The vision I have for Reina Organics is not of a one stop for everything green beauty but one of empowering beauty for women who demand the very best for themselves.

I know what I want. Over the years I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and most of all to say "No" when something doesn’t feel right. If a brand can’t make my heart beat faster and their philosophy and vision don’t align completely with ours, then I can’t stand behind that name.

So when a brand reaches out to me, they must have something pretty special to make me jump like a child with the joy of the idea of having them at Reina Organics. My reaction varies – in the case of Josh Rosebrook for instance, my husband thought we won the lottery because I started screaming in the kitchen and bouncing up and down. When Victoria from La Bella Figura said “Yes”, I cried tears of joy. When Laurel reached out to me, I did a happy dance.

I strongly believe that the founder of a brand is the essence of it.

Getting to know the visionary behind a brand is of much greater importance to me than trying the products. Understanding why someone is in the green beauty business and how strongly they are connected to what they do tells me much more than checking ingredients in EWG Skin Deep database.

When Lina Hanson reached out to me earlier this year, I knew it was a "YES" before I finished reading her message. I was deeply honored to be able have her gorgeous Global Beauty collection and share her approach to skin care with the Reina Organics community.

Lina Hanson, the Woman

Lina Hanson

Meeting Lina is just as an exquisite experience as indulging in her gorgeous Global Beauty Collection – pretty on the outside and yet the true beauty lies within.

In my work, I’m privileged to meet a lot of successful women. Some of them are completely swept away by stardom and are so full of themselves, there’s hardly space for others in the room and in the conversation. Others, like Lina, acknowledge their success, own it but don’t define themselves with it.

It's a very fine line between being full of yourself and being filled with who you are.

For someone who has made a name in Hollywood as a top celebrity makeup artist, especially since she wasn’t born in these circles, it’s most refreshing to see how in touch Lina is with her sense of self.

Lina Hanson Global Beauty Collection

Lina Hanson, the Brand

In the case of Lina Hanson, it’s almost impossible to separate the brand from the founder, not only because of the name but mainly because how deeply entwined in the entire collection Lina’s vision and beliefs are.

When Lina started as a makeup artist she was sent a lot of products and her move to Los Angeles made her more conscious of what really went into all of them. She promptly switched her make up kit to natural products which I’m only guessing how challenging it must have been at that time.

What surprised me was her choice to create a skin care line instead of makeup. Until I learned more about her makeup philosophy. The looks Lina creates are very natural - simple, pretty, where the skin is the focus. 

When your skin has a healthy glow from within, you let your own beauty shine through, and that’s more than any makeup can do. – Lina Hanson

For Lina healthy skin is all about balance. It’s not only about what skincare products you use. It’s definitely a big part of it, but eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and staying hydrated is key.

Inclusivity and Diversity

The Global Beauty collection is a true celebration of beauty – no matter age, gender, ethnicity or race.

The scents have been developed to be delicate and attractive to women and men alike, green beauty junkies and people who have never used a natural product in their life (and don’t necessarily look for one).

The products are for all skin types and there is something for everyone - from babies through teenagers, pregnant women to skin which needs more support with the time.

But most of all, the Global Beauty collection is about recognizing the beauty in ourselves.

“To me, beauty is about loving yourself and being comfortable in your skin, despite what media tells us beauty “should” be. My mission is to challenge the way we view beauty by creating skincare products that celebrates the authentic beauty in us all.

… Every time you use my products, I want you to feel that no matter your age, ethnicity, color, or shape… you are beautiful. “ – Lina Hanson


Lina Hanson Global Beauty CollectionLess is more is a core belief of Lina and her brand. Having a few products with high quality ingredients would do more for your skin and mind than having a cabinet full of skincare.Each product in the Global Beauty collection has been developed for years and can be used in more than one way.

Designed to simply your skincare routine, the entire collection is perfect for a life on-the-go and fully customizable for your skin concerns.

Anti-ageing vs Ageing Gracefully

Ageing is an important topic for all brands we offer at Reina Organics – how you treat your skin as it ages and what notion your skincare products convey about ageing – do they promote “anti-ageing” or do they support the skin as it ages.

I was delighted when Lina mentioned she intentionally avoided the term anti-ageing when talking about her line. “How about ageing gracefully?” she said.

Hell yeah!


Lina travels all over the world to source ingredients for her products. The purpose of these trips is to ensure the quality of each ingredient as well as to meet the people who grow and harvest the plants.

One of the pillars of the brand is that the ingredients used need to be sourced sustainably and that the people involved in the process are treated and paid fairly.

This also ties strongly with Lina’s plans for growing the company.

When I asked Lina what her plans were on expanding the brand, her response struck me with how much responsibility and quality were rooted in her vision. Lina has big plans about the company and with every step she wants to make sure that her team and suppliers can handle the volume of every new partner which also means that they can continue to source the same high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

Hats off for such strong commitment.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the the Global Beauty Collection by Lina Hanson. Have you tried any of the products? 

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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