Love for MoMi by Modern Minerals

by Rayna van Aalst July 28, 2018

Love for MoMi by Modern Minerals

I understand that buying a product from a brand you may have never heard of before could be quite daunting.

I've collected some reviews of MoMi by Modern Minerals which hopefully will give you a better understanding of the brand and the products.

You can also read about my two cents on MoMi by Modern Minerals here.

Lola Gusman aka the Hermes Hippie

Lola is one of the most respected names in and by the green community -  Ever since first trying @modernminerals’ new hair products, I’ve been able to achieve reliably perfect hair (despite desperately needing a haircut) every day

Mermaid Nic

Another beloved name in the green beauty world shares her thoughts on MoMi by Modern Minerals. Read here.

The Clean Curl

First impressions of the new Modern Minerals Hair Discovery Kit. Watch here

The Cruelty Free Vanity

Review of Mo Mi by Modern Minerals Discovery Kit Watch Here


Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst