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MoMi by Modern Minerals - Inner Alchemy for Outer Beauty

by Rayna van Aalst July 28, 2018

MoMi by Modern Minerals - Inner Alchemy for Outer Beauty

I have been a fan of Modern Minerals and their makeup since forever but when I saw the first photo of their new Discovery Set earlier this year, I knew I had to have it ASAP.

When I finally got my hands on that gold rose vegan case which the Discovery Set comes in, it was final. It wasn’t an obsession about something new and pretty, it was love and admiration.

It seems quite an impossible task to put all the reasons why MoMi by Modern Minerals (their hair care line) is at Reina Organics in just one post because each one of them is something which deserves an article on its own.

To give you an idea why MoMi by Modern Minerals won my heart, I’ll share briefly everything I love about this hair care goodness.

Easy to use

I am starting backwards as this was probably the last thing I discovered about MoMi by Modern Minerals but it was the part the made me a fan for life.

I’ve always been slightly envious of all the women who have those effortless hair looks. Hair is important. Your outfit might be on point, makeup done but if your hair doesn’t look good, it all goes down the drain.

Every morning after taking my daughter to school I would come back home determined that I’m going to make my hair look that good too. The next morning after half an hour in front of the mirror my hair still looks nothing like styled or let alone effortless.  

When I started using the MoMi by Modern Minerals hair line it was a pure attraction to the gorgeous look but putting them into use has been the biggest hair revelation I have ever had.

It is so simple – it’s not that my hair can’t look the way I want it to. It just needs some help. And each of these MoMi babies leave my hair looking perfectly styled but in a very natural way and most of all without the feeling of any product in it.

Don’t judge a book by the cover…

…is what they say but let’s face it that while how a product looks doesn’t say much about its performance, we all enjoy having pretty jars and bottle in our beauty cabinets.

Besides if it wasn’t for that gorgeous vegan case and cool drawings, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article now.

It’s pure joy to look at MoMi by Modern Minerals – the modern girls on each bottle sporting a different hairstyle, the pink color of the dry shampoo, the soft rose bobby pins matching the color of the zipper of the vegan case of the Discovery Set. These are just a few of the things that show how much thought Diane and Damon put into the creation of the MoMi by Modern Minerals hair care line.

So let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it.

Those scents though

All MoMi products are infused with essences of Korean Pink Lotus Flower and Rose Quartz created especially for Modern Minerals by Lotus Wei.

The Lotus Flower inspires us to bloom into our purest self while Rose Quartz energizes love and self-nourishment.

Each product however has a unique, very elegant scent which is not too strong or overwhelming, but you will definitely get a whiff while styling your hair.

This is not a perfume, it is also not added to make the product “smell nice”.

As weird as it may sound, you smell the products and you feel them. The most beautiful feeling.

You’ll just have to experience it yourself.

Salon Quality

The MoMi line is a result of the joint efforts of Diane, founder of Modern Minerals and Damon who is a hair stylist.

And this is where things get interesting. For Diane it was important the products to be made with natural ingredients and that they are easy to use, while Damon brought to the table the years of experience in his own hair salon. It wasn’t just a natural hair care line that they were creating, they formulated each product through the lens of professional in a hair studio.

I guess we can now all drop the concerns whether these products work.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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