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My top 5 Travel Essentials

by Rayna van Aalst July 07, 2018

My top 5 Travel Essentials

If you’re travelling this summer (hello holiday!), I’ve got something handy for you. And if you travel often (hello life in an airplane, train or car), you will love me even more.

Here are my travel essentials which I have with me pretty much all the time, as I’m often on the go.

Read below, you will thank me later.

Soapwalla the Spray

Have you ever sat in the airplane waiting for all passengers to board, hoping that the seat next to you will remain empty and then your flight “neighbor” shows up? She (usually it's a woman) sits down and starts wiping everything within reach. You keep on sitting patiently, awaiting the moment your turn to be wiped would come and you’re thinking “Don’t you dare…”

I’m usually the observing one in the scenario above but when I feel like taking a bite or that something around me (seat rests, my daughter’s hands, etc) needs disinfection, I use Soapwalla the Spray. It’s small but powerful, yet alcohol-free and non-drying. Oh yes and not sticky at all.

If you happen to be the “flight neighbor” who wipes the whole airplane clean, you won’t ever board a plane, train, bus, boat, car or a spaceship with one of those tiny bottles. (I know firsthand, as I have someone like this in my life).

La Bella Figura Travel Therapy

No this is not on the list because there’s the word “travel” in the name.

It actually works, in more than one way.

Travel Therapy is a beautiful aromatherapy essence which will boost your mood when fatigue kicks in. At the same time, it would help to center you after the anxiety and stress from all sorts of customs, security and other airport checks.

An added bonus is that Travel Therapy has a great staying power and it works great as a perfume too.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

I always carry a travel size Hydrating Accelerator with me. The size is perfect for in flight luggage and it’s very light so I virtually don’t feel it in my purse.

Great to spritz it on my face during a flight to refresh and hydrate and I use it also in my skincare regimen after cleansing or to set my makeup during my stay so I don’t need to carry a second facial mist.

LVX nail polish remover wipes

Nail polish for me is just like makeup. I can go without it and I often do but when travelling, having a meeting or if I feel like doing something about my look, I like to polish my nails.

Instead of caring a bottle of nail polish remover with me when travelling, I take 2-3 of the LVX Nail Polish Remover wipes. My skincare case is already super heavy so any possibility to cut down on its volume or weight are welcome.

One wipe is enough to remove the nail polish from all 10 finger and toe nails. Great for an emergency, they are biodegradable and if I don’t use them, I just keep them for my next trip.


I completely forgot books when I first wrote this article but when I posted about it on Instagram, I quickly realized my mistake. I always travel with books – both audio books and books to read, even if I’m driving.

Do I really need to explain why I have books with me when I travel?

I’m curious to hear – what are your travel essentials? Did I forget anything else?

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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