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The best way to use Leahlani Coco Infusions

by Rayna van Aalst August 25, 2017

The best way to use Leahlani Coco Infusions

I am probably going to provoke a lot of catcalling with this statement but the Coco Infusions is my favorite product from the entire Leahlani line.

There I said it.

I love me some Mermaid mask or Koko leka me time but the variety of ways one can use Coco Infusion, combined with the heavenly scent and the handy packaging put it right on top of my Leahlani favorites.

Coco Infusions are super versatile

The most obvious use of Coco Infusions of course is as a body oil and with the oil remaining on the palms of your hands you can tame flyaways.

And when you combine your favorite Coco Infusion with a matching perfume from Leahlani you will make even the gloomiest day shine bright like the Hawaiian sun.

You. And how you glow.

Coco Infusions can be used as a hair treatment too – you can apply a tiny amount as little as half an hour before a shower or even the night before for an intensive hair treatment.

Shaving oil to die for

That’s right.

While you can probably shave with pretty much any body or carrier oil, at €25 a bottle Coco Infusion is the perfect choice for this purpose. Unlike my other favorite body oils which cost on average €90 a bottle, I don’t have a problem lathering Coco Infusion under the shower to shave with.

I first tried shaving oils when I purchased my Oui Shave razor and I am still wondering why on Earth I hadn’t tried shaving oils before.

It’s easy, simple and highly effective.

Shaving oils trump shaving creams or gels over and over again. You don’t have to worry that the oil would get washed away.

When you apply an oil in the shower (or even before that), you already lock some moisture in, which is great for dry skin. Since the razor would remove some of the oil, it’s best to follow up with Coco Infusion or another body oil when you step out of the shower. No need to worry about mixing the scents.

As the name suggest the base of the Coco Infusions is coconut oil and Leahlani use unrefined one to ensure all the its benefits for the skin and hair are intact.

Because of the coconut oil though the Coco Infusions solidify in cooler temperatures. Just squeeze the bottle or put it on the shower floor while showering and the warm water will do the rest.

A word of warning – make sure to use an anti-slip mat when using an oil in the shower. Things get slippery.

Hawaii in a bottle

I haven’t been to Hawaii yet but I’m quite confident that Coco Infusions are the epitome of how Hawaii smells.

Pure warmth, sunshine, lingering scent of sweet coconut, exotic vanilla bean.

Beach, a sweet and delicate creamy blend of tropical florals, femininity, mystique.

You deserve to treat yourself a piece of heaven.

You can use sweet almond oil, avocado or another carrier oil in the shower (to shave with) as I mentioned earlier. But you could also use these precious moments to spoil yourself.

It’s the ultimate treat to open a bottle of Coco Infusions under the shower and start your day with a whiff of Hawaii on a cold, winter day.

Or to finish off a busy day with a scent reminiscent of relaxing beaches and gentle breeze.

Or simply to celebrate the beach goddess that you are.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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