What I use to prevent and treat mosquito bites

by Rayna van Aalst June 24, 2017

What I use to prevent and treat mosquito bites

Three days ago my five-year-old daughter woke up with 6 huge red bumps from mosquito bites, including two on her face. Her whole body was tensed while she was trying to resist the urge of scratching them and the plea in her eyes “please help me” just broke my heart.

Growing up in a town situated next to a river I have had my share of mosquito bites and I know the annoying itch. So whether you are on the receiving end of a mosquito bite or simply a parent who wants to help their child, this practical guide on preventing and treating mosquito bites is for you.

How to prevent mosquito bites

The most important thing to do obviously is to steer clear of places where mosquitoes breed and swarm which is stagnant or standing water. Wearing light-colored clothing that has a very tight weave, as well as long sleeves and trousers helps when you’re near in infested area.

And of course using insect repellents.

At home Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent is an absolute must-have all summer long.

It is safe for children over 2 years of age as well as dogs and can be sprayed directly onto skin or hair. The scent is citrusy with lavender after notes, very pleasant and refreshing.

We use Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent mainly for my daughter as she is the most attractive to mosquitoes. Since she gets bitten almost exclusively at night, we use the spray before going to bed. When she starts getting ready for bed, we spray her bed linen – pillow cases and sheets, and right before she jumps in bed, we spray Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent directly on her (once or twice on her legs and one spritz on her back). And that’s it. The only mosquito bites she gets is when we forget to use the repellent.

We also take the Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent with us when we go picnicking or if we are somewhere in the wild.

I also noticed that when we use the spray my daughter sleeps much better which I believe comes from the lavender in the formula and its relaxing properties.

How to treat mosquito bites

While there are things you can do to lower your chances of getting bitten, a few of which I mentioned above, you can’t prevent mosquito bites entirely. Hello forgetful parents (me that is).

The morning my daughter woke up covered in mosquito bites, I immediately reached out for the Laurel Healing Balm and I gently applied a tiny amount of it on the bumps without rubbing them too much. Just a few minutes later I saw my daughter’s shoulders drop, her entire body relax and she went on to do her things without even thinking about the mosquito bites. For the next two days we reapplied the Healing Balm morning and evening or anytime she accidentally scratched the bites and the itch was back.

After the first two days the bites were significantly calmer and less red too.

I use the Healing Balm on cuts, inflamed blemishes, eczema flare ups, hives and what not. It does wonders every time. The balm is made of 15 whole organic plants and has a very beautiful and delicate herbal scent. Although the Healing Balm may seem too gentle for something as annoying and persistent as a mosquito bite itch, it is powerful enough to calm the inflammation with its high concentration of whole plant organic ingredients which make it an anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

Don’t let the gentleness of the balm fool you though. You don’t need the stinging which most mosquito bite treatments give. You need something to calm the inflammation and the Healing Balm does that like nothing else I've tried.

Another great option to treat mosquito bites is Dr Alkaitis Soothing Gel which we used until last summer when I was blown away by the results of Laurel Healing Balm. My preference however goes to the Healing Balm as it is very soothing yet powerful and it can be used in countless situations, many of which my daughter wouldn’t allow me to use the Soothing Gel, such as cuts or scrapes.

The Laurel Healing Balm is an all-year-round must have at home.

I'm curious to hear what you use to prevent and treat mosquito bites. Have you tried Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent or Laurel Healing Balm? 

xo Rayna

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst