Why choose Quality over Quantity in beauty

by Rayna van Aalst January 07, 2018

Why choose Quality over Quantity in beauty

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Imagine a year without buying new beauty products, unless needed. And “I really, really want to try Product X” doesn’t count as needed.

No subscription boxes.

No purchases during the Black Friday deals either.

And then a new launch from Josh Rosebrook. It’s makeup.

Everyone is talking about it. Your Instagram feed is full of people raving how good the coverage and the staying power are.

The colors are amazing. You eye a few which you know will look phenomenally good on you.

Your friends keep asking you whether you tried the new Josh Rosebrook makeup line and the answer is still no because you have way too much makeup. And you aren’t buying new stuff unless you need it.

Now breathe. We’re just imagining here.

The Josh Rosebrook makeup line is imaginary too.

If you’re anything like me, that is a human being, the moment you think of not having something, you also start thinking of the downside of it - you can’t buy the (imaginary) Josh Rosebrook makeup, which may or may not happen; you imagine nearly the €500 La Bella Figura the Capsule Collection in the subscription box for €30 a month which you cancelled just two weeks ago.

The only thing worse than all this is probably a month without your smartphone.

On the other hand, choosing Quality over Quantity when it comes to beauty has advantages too and they are worth considering.

Natural products are not meant to lie on a shelf for years.

If you could choose between fresh blueberries you just bought from the market and the ones which have been lying in the refrigerator for 3 weeks, which ones would you pick?

The shelf life of most natural beauty products is a year and although they may still look good afterwards, the results you would get with them won’t be as good as when they were fresh.

A year seems like a long time and just like with everything sometimes it just flies by and it leaves wondering when all these months passed.

The fresher your skincare, the better results you would see.

But if you have many face oils and they lie in your beauty cabinet for months or years, then when you start using them, there isn't much benefit of that. You don't get the value you paid for, even if you bought them with a discount.

You might as well just throw them away. There’s no quality in those bottles anymore

Your products won’t stop working

I hear so often women say “When I bought that oil, it worked wonderfully. But then it just stopped working for me.”

Provided that the product is still good (meaning not too old), the chances are that when you buy a product you give it 2-3 weeks of regular use, depending on your patience, and you see results. But then you are tempted by a new product and you start rotating your new purchase with the face oil in question.

The product didn't stop working. You're simply diluting the power of your skincare products with irregular use and then you think the products don’t work.

It’s important to understand that very few natural products show "immediate" results – some masks, exfoliators, La Bella Figura Aria, would do that but for the majority of them, you need to give them the time to work their magic on your skin. Yes, you would see improvements in the first few days, but they still need time and to be used regularly.

You don’t erase hyperpigmentation or restore loss of elasticity in a day. Modern Radiance Concentrate would help you with both but you need to use it daily for at least 4 weeks. That’s how long it takes for the skin to restore itself.

It’s less expensive

Just like fashion where investing in quality staple pieces, choosing quality over quantity in beauty costs less in the long term.

Three bottles of facial oils for €30 each or one bottle of €100, 30 ml each.

Which one is a better option?

You might say that that those 3 bottles would last you for 9 months and the 30 ml bottle of €100 would last only three months. Obviously, if the €30 oils make your skin glow and you love the results, then that’s what you need.

But if those €30 deliver only “OK” results for the skin, then you would start buying other products to compensate for the okayness. And if that €100 bottle makes your skin glow and it’s the one that makes you look in the mirror in the morning and smile with delight how radiant your skin is, then it also becomes the less expensive option because you wouldn’t have to buy extra products to supplement.

You get to know your skin

When you give a product a proper chance to show what it can do for your skin, you also learn what works for you and what not.

You learn to listen to your skin and avoid impulse purchases which often result in products which are not suitable for your skin type and ultimately you never use. (which brings us to the previous point, choosing quality over quantity is less expensive too.)

You tap into your creativity

Especially with makeup. You would be surprised by the gorgeous colors you could get when you layer two lipsticks which don’t look good on you separately.

It’s better for the environment

Less waste of precious ingredients, less waste of materials, less shipping.


How do you feel about the Quality over Quantity concept in beauty? What would be your biggest concern, if you were to buy only beauty products when you need them. Let me know in the comments below and next week (15 January), I will surprise one of you with a €50 Reina Organics gift card. You can also gift it to a friend, if you don’t need anything right now.

P.S. Here's a great article called "Go Deeper, Not Wider" which is about quality over quantity in your life in general.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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