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La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura have been passionately creating some of the most advanced and effectual products on the natural market since 2011.

For La Bella Figura it all began with the belief that the real secret to radiant skin was to eliminate all the harsh chemicals, superficial fillers and inactive ingredients from the skincare products being offered to us. La Bella Figura create, nutritive, healing and bioactive formulations that enhances overall performance, protects healthy new growth and repairs skin. La Bella Figura products are carefully crafted with an integrated approach on brand authenticity, ingredient excellence and environmental responsibility. Be beautiful without harming our planet, our bodies or our future. La Bella Figura passionately continue with research, development and new formulations with the hope, one day natural beauty will become the standard for all of us. 

Ingredient Standards And Principals

Fresh, raw, bioactive, unadulterated, unrefined, natural and organic these are the vital elements La Bella  Figura seek for every La Bella Figura Beauty ingredient in their products. La Bella Figura make it their mission to source only the best and most potent ingredients from their next door neighbors in Michigan to the deep mystical forests of the Amazon. La Bella Figura are ingredient-centric for their vision of excellent and effective performing products.

La Bella Figura - Authentic Formulas And Product Development
Uniquely Designed Formulas

La Bella Figura are not a 'dime a dozen" kind of brand. Every batch of product they produce is crafted as finely as an artisanal winemaker creates an elegant bottle of wine. La Bella Figura conduct extensive research prior to creating new products to put on our shelves or more importantly for you to use on your skin and body. Each formula is tested for weeks, months and even a year to ensure it upholds La Bella Figura’s discerning standards of quality production. Their products are concentrated, powerful and breakthrough stars in natural beauty.

La Bella Figura Value Unrefined, Unprocessed And Non-GMO Ingredients 

It is La Bella Figura’s belief that the best product formulations begin with raw materials that haven't been bleached, deodorized, colored or treated from their natural state or grown from genetically modified seeds. La Bella Figura prefer cold pressed, ice pressed, unheated and supercritical fluid extractions whenever possible. Gentle and careful methods of procuring quality ingredients is where all the magic happens in skincare.

Ingredients La Bella Figura Love

La Bella Figura uses ingredients with exceptional ability to transform as well as an abundance of healing value in the cycle of skin repair. Some of the favorites include, Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Marfura Butter, Aronia Berry, Raw Manuka Honey, Green Coffee Bean Oil, Kakadu Plum Extract, Amazonian White Clay to name just a few. All of these ingredients are of premium quality and sourced from sustainable, organic and wild farms or rivers. 

La Bella Figura Grow Their Own Herbs And Make Their Own Extracts

La Bella Figura enthusiasm about quality led us to begin growing some of their own herbs and flowers in their community gardens in Chicago. Our growing season is short lived, but we cherish all of the lavender, chamomile, calendula, basil, thyme, red clover and arnica we grow ourselves for fresh, concentrated and potent extracts. Soon La Bella Figura will partner with a flower farm and have organic flowers and herbs grown exclusively for them for upcoming special formulas. 

We Make Research Our Top Priority

La Bella Figura's mission ís to understand the culture of beauty by researching the latest scientific studies of natural ingredients and incorporating new methods into safe and effective formulas. They spend their time studying and speaking with experts so that La Bella Figura products are the most modern and performance based products around.

La Bella Figura Makep

 "We designed our makeup collection with the same high standards as our beloved skincare line featuring superlative ingredients that heal, soothe and reveal radiance from deep within. Many of us wear makeup every day and often reapply throughout the day. With every application, we wanted that experience to be nourishing to the skin with selected ingredients that are effective and known to promote renewal while still providing luscious color. Our products don't include fillers that irritate or degrade quality, which often leads to more profound skin problems. Each piece of makeup in our collection is boosted with beneficial vitamins, minerals, rich omegas and breathable waxes that do not clog pores. Our makeup is advanced, vibrant and buildable. In other words, game-changing. We believe your skin deserves better. It always has." 

Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King, Co-founders, La Bella Figura Beauty

A Night For Green Beauty

Once a year La Bella Figura host A Night For Green Beauty - a special yearly event completely dedicated to Green Beauty. An incredible evening of beauty, glamour and shopping from the best luxury natural brands on the market today. A Night For Green Beauty brings the crème de la crème in several categories for an intimate and delightful shopping experience you’re unlikely to forget. If you want to meet the passionate and visionary people behind these top lines and hear directly from them what inspired them to create their beautiful and highly coveted products, A Night For Green Beauty is the place to be.

La Bella Figura does not believe in animal testing, their ingredients and final products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

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