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What is Eco Chic Beauty?

Eco chic beauty is the philosophy which guides us on our mission to empower you to look beautiful and feel good in your skin.

I’ve always had a thing for beauty. When my dad went to the United States, he asked me what I would like him to bring for me. Apparently, I hadn’t mastered speaking yet as my answer turned out to be a riddle for him. In Bulgarian the words for eye shadow and sunflower seeds are quite similar, just one letter difference - "senki" vs "semki". So not knowing what I meant, he brought back both eye shadows and sunflower seeds for me. By the age of 6, I could apply bright red lipstick without a mirror flawlessly.

I also a had huge collection of empty deodorant flacons which I loved playing a shop with. Unlike this collection though, my lipsticks or eye shadows were not for “playing”, just like you wouldn't play with diamond necklaces and earrings.

I could also often be found in front of the mirror wearing my grandma’s or mother’s clothes, shoes and jewelry, dancing, admiring my looks and moves, thoroughly enjoying myself.

I felt like a queen and the world was in my feet.

When I started school makeup was a big no-no, even in my free time. It was only at the last year of high school that I was reunited with my long-forgotten love – makeup. My first purchases were nail-polishes of 50 cents which lasted a week straight on the nails. Then I gradually started buying more expensive products until I found myself sipping champagne while shopping for skincare and makeup in luxury department stores.

Then a blue jar shattered my (beauty) world and I embarked on a green journey which eventually led to the launch of Reina Organics.

Yet there was always something missing. High-end brands played on my insecurities and left me wanting more. Halfway through a bottle of foundation or jar of cream, I was already looking for the next big thing in skincare which would make me look like Gisele Bündchen or whichever model the face of the brand was.

Natural brands on the other hand made sure I was paralyzed with fear of toxic ingredients and made me feel guilty for missing my favorite conventional products and most of all the feeling of simply enjoying my skincare products without the word "cancer" lurking in my mind.

Even though for most people it is just a fancy word for luxury natural products, eco chic beauty is about celebrating through highest quality and unparalleled results. Eco chic brands rarely talk about the fact that they use only natural ingredients because this is the very minimum for them. The focus is not on what their products are free from but rather what IS in their formulas, how fresh the ingredients are and most of all, how the products would transform your skin.

Eco chic beauty is about finding the beauty inside you. Unlike conventional beauty brands who inspire us with perfectly beautiful women in advertisements and make us buy their products yearning for self-acceptance, eco chic beauty is all about you and helping you find your true and most beautiful self.

Eco chic beauty is about beauty on your own terms.

xo Rayna
Founder of Reina Organics

P.S. By the way, just wait till you try some eco chic goodness. Your skin would look better than it has ever looked. That’s a promise.